1. According to the provisional Article 1 of Law No. 7726 dated 26.03.2020, the periods determined in the Execution and Bankruptcy Law and other laws related to the follow- up law and the periods determined by the judge or enforcement and bankruptcy offices in this context; All enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, party and follow-up transactions, receipt of new enforcement and bankruptcy follow-up requests, proceedings regarding enforcement and execution of preliminary lien decisions have ceased, starting from 30/3/2020 (including this date) until 30/4/2020 (including this date).
  2. According to Article 49 of the Law No. 7726 dated 26.03.2020, the execution of the sentences of those convicted for unconditional check crime prior to 24/3/2020 has been stopped as of 26.03.2020 when this article came into force.
  3. The extent of workers, who can benefit from short-time working allowance according to Article 41 of the Law No. 7726 dated 26.03.2020, has been expanded, to be applied as of 29/2/2020, until 30/6/2020 due to the compelling reason originating from coronavirus. For the worker to qualify for short-term working allowance the predicted conditions for entitlement to unemployment benefit, excluding the termination of employment contract are changed from those subject to employment contracts in the last 60 days prior to the beginning of short-term working to the payment of unemployment insurance premium for 450 days in the last three years. Those who do not meet this condition will continue to benefit from the short-time working allowance for the period remaining from the last unemployment benefit entitlement, without exceeding the time for short-time working period.

In order to benefit from the short-term working practice within the scope of this article, the employer should not dismiss employees, except for the reasons set out in the first clause (II) of the 25th article of the Law no. 4587.