Uluslararası Ticari Sözleşmeler ve TahkimMajority of regulations prevailing and directing international trade is comprised of international conventions, directives of international trade organizations and sample arbitration rules determined by those. Therefore, Kulat Law Office Not only closely follows international regulations on trade but also presents full legal support and assistance with its expert lawyer team specializing at trade customs and practices, to its clients in all cross border transactions.

Working as a team within the framework of international arbitration, we represent our clients both in ad hoc arbitration proceedings and before many other arbitration institutions, particularly ICSID, and in wide range of fields such as Intellectual Property, International Trade, Mergers and Acquisitions. This legal support might be in nature of research and legal counsel as in the investigation of the reputation and reliability of the parties to an international trade agreement, preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts within the framework of international law; not to mention such legal services as representing clients before courts and/or arbitrators regarding litigation and arbitration processes respectively, to resolve any dispute arising from any commercial relation.

Moreover, as regards any investment, share transfer-takeover, start-up, merger and acquisition planned to be carried out abroad, our team examines the legislation of the foreign country in question, in scope of trade and capital market law, start-up law, administrative and tax law and other relevant regulations of the country; makes analysis of the country’s present political and economic conditions; subsequent to this inspection and analysis, gives legal opinion as to the planned investment; and provides all kinds of legal support required for the achievement of these business operations.

Other legal services we provide to our clients are as follows:

  • Examination of domestic and foreign legislation on import and export, informing the client in light of this examination as well as taking all necessary and reasonable actions for flawless operation of all transactions.
  • Granting comprehensive legal assistance in such operations as incorporation and all commercial transactions to entrepreneurs and newly founded entities planning to carry on their activities on trade, international trade in particular.