Fikri Mülkiyet HukukuNumerous entities ranging from producers of industrial equipment to mobile application designers in this technology driven modern world of ours, create a surplus of intellectual assets in need of protection within increasingly competitive global market. Kulat Law Office provides counsel on and/or represents its clients in disputes arising out of such diversified topics as transfer of financial rights, reproduction rights, trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models as well as copyrights within the frame of Intellectual Property Law.

• Trademark and Patent Research and Follow Up of Legal Proceedings:

Prior to the application for the ownership of the trademark, patent, utility model and industrial designs, we perform research through Turkish Patent Institute, follow-up of subsequent legal processes and of the cases arising from the disputes regarding these issues. Our team also acts as legal representative in cases concerning the invalidity of these rights, invalidity of the trademark in particular, disputes as to unfair competition, abandonment of a trademark and similar legal procedures.

• Protection of Domain Name Rights:

As Kulat Law Office, we provide our clients all due support in respect of counselling as well as case follow up so as to register, renew and protect against any infringement their internet domain names which having become a part of the commercial life, are now deemed as intellectual property rights constituting intangible assets of a company and also protected under copyright law.