İdare, Vergi Hukuku ve İhale Mevzuatı

Compliance with legislation and changing regulations in order to prevent administrative fines that companies may face and to protect their reputations is very important in today’s world, where the business world is rapidly changing and transforming. In this context, Kulat Law Office checks to what extent companies operating in many different sectors such as financial institutions, health, retail and energy comply with the legislation they are subject to, analyses their current operations and corporate governance procedures, identifies risks and reports to senior management. Then, it draws the necessary roadmap to bring all the operations of the company into compliance with the legislation and organizes the necessary trainings for compliance with the legislation within the company.

We assist our clients in creating compliance programs that meet their needs in various fields, including especially competition, protection of personal data, anti-corruption and labor laws and environmental regulations, compliance with commercial legislation and industry-specific regulations.”