Rekabet HukukuKulat Law Office, with its dynamic team competent in Competition Law and following closely the new developments in this branch of law which constantly regenerates for maintaining compliance with new economic conditions and relevant EU legislation, acts as legal consultant for domestic and foreign companies regarding all kinds of commercial agreements and competition violations; delivers legal support by representing its clients before the Competition Board and overseeing related case files. Following up of lawsuits under administrative jurisdiction against Board decisions is also among the services offered. Some of the services offered in scope of Competition Law are as follows:

  • Applying Competition Board regarding dominant position and its abuse
  • Analysis and legal support wit regards to non-compete agreements and agreements restricting competition, harmonized actions and decisions; stating opinion and advice on especially agency and distribution agreements and competition provisions specific to them
  • Notifying Competition Boards as to mergers; constitution of a course of action upon restrictions arising from Competition Law in mergers and acquisitions as well as other prohibitions
  • Filing complaints before the Board in case of infringement of non-compete rules and overseeing subsequent phases
  • Counselling on restrictions under Competition Law and non-compete agreements which bear a particular significance for distribution agreements
  • Filing and conducting lawsuits in a court of law against Board decisions on disputes and discrepancies subject to Competition Law.